The 13 Best Midnight Madness Dunks of 2011

Posted by rtmsf on October 16th, 2011

It wouldn’t be Midnight Madness without a dunk contest (or a hundred), so we fished around to find the 13 best dunks from the opening weekend’s many extravaganzas.  There are some impressive flushes here, but nothing like Keion Bell’s record-breaker from last season, so if you know of something better send it to us @rushthecourt or for inclusion.

#13.75.  Another late addition — Rhode Island’s Jonathan “Sponge” Holton soaking up all kinds of nasty with this 360.

#13.5.  A late addition (sent from reader, Dennis) — Reggie Smith of UNLV uses all 5’9″ of his frame to get after this one.  Unreal.

#13. Mitchell Watt of Buffalo Performs the Very Difficult Two-Ball Dunk.

#12. Marshall’s Justin Coleman Completes an Impossible Side-Backboard 360 (stick with it).

#11. White Men CAN Jump! (Duke’s Miles Plumlee Over His Brother).

#10. The Involvement of People in Farm Animal Costumes is Always Worthwhile (Minnesota’s Rodney Williams).

#9. Baylor’s Pierre Jackson Off the Side of the Glass.

#8. Alex Lewis at D-II Angelo State Receives an Assist From the Crowd With His Dunk.

#7. Six-foot-nothing Austin Chatman Goes Up and Over Seven-Footer Geoff Groselle at Creighton.

#6. UConn Phenom Andre Drummond Through the Legs Into a Windmill — This Guy is Ridiculous.

#5. Wagner’s Josh Thompson Uses His Own Mother as a Prop.

#4. Baylor’s Deuce Bello with the Explosive 360.

#3.  New Mexico’s Jamal Fenton Brings a Backflip to the Party.

#2. Andre Drummond Again, Superman Off the Side of the Board.

#1. Memphis’ Will Barton Catches the Lob and Simultaneously Jumps Over Two Teammates Before Throwing It Down

Bonus: Andre Drummond’s Missed Dunk From the Foul Line Was Still Impressive.

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4 responses to “The 13 Best Midnight Madness Dunks of 2011”

  1. Giggity says:

    Dude, how can u leave James Southerland’s dunk from Syracuse Midnight Madness out?

  2. rtmsf says:

    Send us the link!

  3. rtmsf says:

    It was sick. Wasn’t available when we put together that post, but it’ll be in our MM wrapup tomorrow morning.

  4. Niksanyl says:

    UNLV’s 5’9″ Reggie Smith should be in there somewhere. . .

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