Mitch McGary Channels Darryl Dawkins at the Boost Mobile Elite 24

Posted by nvr1983 on August 27th, 2011

Typically all-star games are only worthy of highlights from a dunk contest or a couple fast breaks, but in the case of today’s Boost Mobile Elite 24 the biggest moment came during the warm-ups. As Dave Telep reported from the scene, class of 2012 prospect Mitch McGary, who is in the top 5 on every recruiting site,¬†shattered the backboard during warm-ups while dunking in the “layup line” (obviously Mitch doesn’t believe in the old fashion layup).

The pictures from the scene (courtesy of @DaveTelep) give you a sense of the aftermath. We imagine that there are quite a few coaches at big-time programs who are imagining McGary doing this in their uniform at an opposing arena in the coming years.

Fortunately they had another backboard available (Credit: Dave Telep via Twitter)

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  1. ICYMI, check out @MitchMcGary33 shattering the backboard at the Elite 24 game yesterday. Smiled through the blood –

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