A Peek Inside Terrence Jones’ Mind

Posted by rtmsf on January 26th, 2011

They say that revenge can be the strongest motivator to do great things.  So while we’re not completely certain why Kentucky forward Terrence Jones has a color photograph of Georgia’s all-SEC forward Trey Thompkins dunking in his locker, we can probably guess why.  Obviously, Jones must think that Thompkins is super hot, or perhaps he’s a fan of the versatile forward’s all-around game.  We’re sure it wouldn’t have anything to do with the 25/7 Thompkins dropped on him in a Georgia win on January 8 (to be fair, though, Jones had 24/10 the other way).   

Thompkins Is Prominently Displayed (h/t KSR)

We only have one question, though.  Can bulletin board material be comprised of other bulletin board material?  In other words, can Thompkins fairly use the fact that Jones is thinking of him during practices in Lexington as his own motivation by thinking about Jones thinking about him?  It’s a convoluted question, but we think the answer is yes.  The story goes that Michael Jordan in his heyday once caught Patrick Ewing viewing his Come Fly With Me video before crushing his soul and having his knees shipped in dry ice to Arizona. 

The Bulldogs make the return trip to Lexington this Saturday.  It’ll certainly be interesting to watch the interplay between these two future NBA small forwards after this. 

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