Izzo Suspended For Prairie View Game By NCAA

Posted by jstevrtc on December 17th, 2010

Michigan State chief Tom Izzo has been put on ice for Saturday’s game against Prairie View A&M because he paid a guy $475 for some coaching help at a summer youth camp — that’s $475 over five days, mind you — and that person is listed as being associated with a possible recruit.

We Ask You -- We Know It's One Game, But Is This Justice?

So, let’s see: Tom Izzo gets busted for a game because he paid someone an honest wage to coach at a youth camp. Cam Newton’s father pimps his son out to at least one school, but Newton is still eligible to play an entire football season. Gotcha.

ESPN’s Andy Katz reports that this was actually finalized on Friday and Izzo got to select which game he sat out, but we still have a question: since the criterion for levying penalties is evidently What Did You Know — or, What Can We Prove You Knew — if Izzo didn’t know that the person he was paying was associated with a prospect, then why the suspension?


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2 responses to “Izzo Suspended For Prairie View Game By NCAA”

  1. ChicagoMac says:

    The IAWP they hired tried to pull the same routine on other programs. Izzo knew full well the person was associated with the prospect. There is a 0% chance he didn’t know the prospect was connected to the person he hired.

    Look, MSU gained an advantage on a recruit by trying to walk a fine line on a rule Izzo knows all about.

  2. Wendy Parker says:

    But of course. RT @rushthecourt Tom Izzo Suspended For One Game; Cam Newton Evidently Will Still Play. http://bit.ly/eK61Lk

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