Jacob Pullen Calls Out Kansas State Fans

Posted by nvr1983 on December 12th, 2010

The relationship between players and fans has always been a delicate one. Fans by definition are fanatical and have mood swings that outsiders might view as worthy of institutionalization. They swing from highs after big wins to lows after closer-than-expected wins or, even worse, a loss. Historically, these relationships and the emotions that accompany sports have been arbitrated by sports media professionals who determine what interactions fans and athletes have. With the increase of social networking, and Twitter in particular, the wall created to separate fans from athletes has grown even thinner and may have disappeared in many cases. Typically, athletes stay above the fray with assistance from their coaches or athletic department. In some cases, however, those mechanisms of protection are not enough to prevent incidents from happening online.

One such example of that happened last night when Kansas State preseason All-American Jacob Pullen decided to vent on Twitter after he caught wind of the criticism being leveled against the team on various message boards following the Wildcats’ eight point victory over Loyola (IL) in a game that was not expected to be that close.

Fear the Beard: Pullen Calls out Wildcat Fans

While we can understand Pullen’s point of view, particularly after what was an emotional week culminating in what amounted to a homecoming game for Pullen, who had not played in his hometown of Chicago since he joined the Wildcats, we do not imagine that this series of Tweets will go over too well with Frank Martin when he hears about them. We suspect that when word gets back to Manhattan, Pullen will either have to issue an apology, limit who can see his account, or take down his account, a ban which would likely be extended to the entire team.

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4 responses to “Jacob Pullen Calls Out Kansas State Fans”

  1. Jeffrey Brice says:

    I wouldn’t mind his statement at all except he used “right” instead of “write”. You’re in college for pete’s sake.

  2. Matt B. says:

    I sure hope for his sake that he doesn’t get drafted by a team in a major media market. If he can’t handle a message board, imagine him trying to deal with sports talk radio and tv in the northeast.

  3. Tyshawn Taylor says:

    Jeffrey Brice – You r n idiot. You know I’m muggin. Point plankn.

  4. Sean T says:

    I can’t blame Jake in the slightest. I’m a KSU fan and I’m really not bothered by the final (the Cats were favored by 9) but I really didn’t like how no one on the team outside of THE TWO GUARDS (Pullen and Spradling) could get a damned rebound. I know the team will improve but I’m not exactly impressed by their performance so far. I can’t blame Jake but this is going to go over like a fart in a spacesuit with Coach Martin.

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