Georgia Will Be Looking For A New Athletic Director

Posted by nvr1983 on July 4th, 2010

Along with numerous other media outlets we reported on the DUI that Georgia athletic director Damon Evans picked up less than a week ago. Following the initial reports of his arrest the news got even worse for Evans as the married Evans was driving with a woman who was not his wife (not a big deal) and he was found to have her red underwear between his legs (ok, that’s bad) before reportedly telling the officer, “I am not trying to bribe you but I am the athletic director of the University of Georgia [. . .] I am not trying to bribe you, but is there anything you can do without arresting me?” (really, really bad) As we noted last week we expected that the DUI arrest alone would put Evans in the cross-hairs of the many journalists, fans, and boosters calling for his head. It turns out that the calls will be answered about as quickly as one could reasonably expect as reports indicate that Evans will resign today. While we expect the Georgia administration to select an internal candidate as the token interim athletic director, but some media sources are already speculating about potential long-term replacements for Evans.

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