Wear Twins Hear The Highway Calling

Posted by jstevrtc on May 6th, 2010

In a move that’s caught a lot of Tar Heel fans — not to mention teammates and coaches — by surprise, David and Travis Wear are both transferring out of North Carolina.  The two 6’10 Tar Heel forwards finished their exams this week, went back home to Huntington Beach, California, and their father called UNC head coach Roy Williams on Wednesday evening to inform Williams of the transfer.  Having lost Ed Davis to the lure of the NBA and Deon Thompson to graduation, the Wear brothers’ departure leaves UNC with only two returning players taller than 6’6: 7’0 Tyler Zeller and 6’10 John Henson.

There weren't many signs or omens that said they were going.

That size deficit will be mitigated somewhat by the arrival of 6’8  forward Harrison Barnes, the top-ranked high school senior from this past year who announced — or rather, Skyped — several months ago that he’d be attending UNC in the fall of 2010.  The Wears have not publicly commented on their transfer, but it’s doubtful that this was a playing time issue.  Both Travis and David averaged about ten minutes a game last year, and Barnes is the only post player in the Heels’  incoming freshman class.  With Zeller and Henson splitting minutes at center and Barnes at one forward, there were minutes to be had at the other forward spot.

This had been circulating on some message boards for several days, but now that it’s happened, the question arises as to where these fellows will land.  Their California roots suggest the Pac-10 will benefit, and UCLA, Arizona, Stanford and Washington were listed as the other finalists for their services besides UNC when they were high school seniors.  The UCLA option is particularly interesting; the Bruins have 6’9, 320-pound forward Josh Smith arriving on campus for next year, and the addition of the Wear boys after their mandatory transfer sit-out season would make Ben Howland a very happy man.  Of course, there’s always the chance that they’re tired of being called “The Wear Twins” and will each choose their own school in hopes of forging their own unique path.  Wherever they end up, the program(s) that signs them will be getting, by all accounts, a couple of quality kids in terms of character and work ethic as much as basketball potential.

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5 responses to “Wear Twins Hear The Highway Calling”

  1. Joe says:

    Their high character caused them to leave Roy Williams in a very tough situation for next season. This transfer absolutely shocked the coaching staff and the players. According to the official statement from UNC, Roy had talked to both of them at the end of year exit interviews in mid-April and they both seemed to be on board for next season. For whatever reason, they wait until May and have their dad tell Roy instead of themselves. By waiting this late, they have cost UNC the chance of going after any unsigned post talent. If they announced this a week ago, maybe UNC goes after C.J. Leslie.

    Very punk move on part of the Wear twins and the father.

  2. rtmsf says:

    Ironic, isn’t it, given that Roy drove the move to make the early entry withdrawal deadline much earlier so that he and his fellow ACC coaches could plan for next season (and in so doing, hurt the student-athletes), that he gets burned by a similar situation under different circumstances? Karmic, almost.

  3. jstevrtc says:


    That was mentioned in one of the links we included, as well as Roy’s statement. Given that everything we’ve ever heard about the Wear boys both on and off the court has been quite positive, the abrupt nature of the departure and the method by which they informed their coach surprised us, too. You’d at least have expected the father to say, “Hey, call him yourselves.” But I’m not going to tell Mr. Wear how to handle his kids, since I haven’t spoken to anyone in that family personally.

    You’re right, though. Strange development, and it didn’t do Roy any favors. But with Barnes, Bullock, and Marshall all coming next year, Carolina will be improved and funner to watch, and we’d say that UNC fans will have forgotten about the Wears by early December. And vice-versa.

    John Stevens

  4. Mike B. says:

    I actually think this will help UNC — maybe not in the short-term, but definitely over the next few years. I have nothing against the Wears, but I do not think they are high-level ACC players. Could they grow into that? Maybe, but I have to say I doubt it: I just never saw the athleticism (not to mention strength, but that can come with age) from them last year. It’s tough to evaluate two players based solely on their freshman years, but I think this gives UNC some more flexibility over the next few years that could be useful.

  5. DukeChamps! says:

    Can’t blame them, unc sucks ass! They can’t even win the NIT, lmao. And Barnes is a joke, they’ll need more than him to beat DUKE!!! 2010 National Champs!!!!

    UNC : University of NIT chokers

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