Nike’s New Duke Ad

Posted by rtmsf on April 13th, 2010

Awesome or Awful?  Discuss.

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11 responses to “Nike’s New Duke Ad”

  1. That is so pretentious. I kind of want to punch something.

  2. DRW says:


  3. RWG says:


  4. KJ says:

    Well, I can put this ad on the list of reasons as to why I hate Nike.

  5. AB says:


  6. Duuuke says:

    I need that magazine.

  7. porkchopexpress says:

    Like the pitchfork. Not so much the mag ad. And when my child is born in October it’s middle name will be Zoubek. Boy or girl. ZOOOOOOUBS

  8. DA says:

    Can’t wait for the T-Shirt to come out. GO DUKE

  9. Jack says:

    “Well, I can put this ad on the list of reasons as to why I hate Nike.”

    Let’s see if we can come up with a few more, shall we?

    1) The abomination that are Oregon’s sports uniforms
    2) Having those uniform follies carry over to every other Nike-sponsored university
    3) Trying to toy with Sparty
    4) The…

    Actually, these three are pretty much all I need.

  10. BDA.GoKU says:

    This ad is pretty gutsy by Nike because it Duke is such a polarizing team. I can’t say I approve of it based on my dislike of all things Duke, but this is also a pretty big slap in the face of all the other schools that wear the swoosh. Think of the past 5 years of national champions for a minute… Florida (twice), Kansas (adidas), Carolina and Duke. 3 of the 4 teams to win an NCAA title during that span were Nike brand teams and they didn’t put out ads like this for either Florida (for obvious reasons being their first and second) and Carolina, which is usually seen as one of the bluebloods of college basketball and currently has the 2nd most wins in college basketball.
    This move by Nike to put out this ad baffles me on so many levels because it alienates so much of their potential and current customers who hate Duke. I hope somewhere the person in charge of this was fired and they print up some sort of a retraction.

  11. Levi says:

    This ad epitomizes everything that people hate about Duke. It’s a shame – Nikes work pretty well for me as far as sizing is concerned. I wonder if I can get New Balance basketball shoes in a 15?

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