RTC (Sorta) Live: Final Four Edition

Posted by rtmsf on April 3rd, 2010

It’s time, people.  The NCAA Tournament has reached its glorious Saturday crescendo, where four teams who have come through the battles of each region with some bruises, scratches and open wounds but are still standing, will tip it off in front of 75,000 fans to earn the right to play on Monday Night.  And you know what that means.  High-quality basketball on both ends of the court.  There’s no need to discuss these teams any further — they’ve already been talked and written about to death.  We know what they’re capable of, and any resulting combination after tonight’s two games wouldn’t shock us.  As we’ve been there throughout the Tournament, we’ll be here again tonight, encouraging you to join us for a chat during the games.  We hope to see you there.

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