RTC Live: Coaches vs. Cancer Consolation & Finals

Posted by rtmsf on November 20th, 2009


Ok, we’re back at MSG and ready to give the grand old dame one more chance with their wireless internet before we completely write off this joint.  As of now, things appear to be working, but there’s hardly anyone in the arena or on the network yet, so that all could change very quickly.  If things stay ok close to tipoff in about 25 minutes, we’ll give it another shot.  California vs. Ohio State is the first game — the consolation game — and it should be a pretty good matchup.  Neither team has great size, but we’re interested to see if the momentum OSU had in the last four minutes of its game yesterday against North Carolina can continue tonight.  In the marquee matchup at 7:30 pm, we don’t need to tell you that Boehim vs. Roy is going to be special.  It’ll be their first meeting with the 2003 National Championship game, and Roy said last night at the press conference that he remembered every detail of that loss.  With the athletes and talent on both sides, that should be an epic early season matchup.  Check back in a few…

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2 responses to “RTC Live: Coaches vs. Cancer Consolation & Finals”

  1. Jameson says:

    I’m surprised you guys are having issues with their wireless internet. Last year when I was at MSG for the Big East Tournament I didn’t have any issues with it

  2. Giggity says:

    I assume your opinion of Syracuse has changed? We better not be behind fucking Georgetown on Monday.

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