Tweeting the Preview: #282 – #259

Posted by rtmsf on October 30th, 2009

tweetingpreviewOk, we’ve officially lost our minds, but they say the first step toward healing is recognizing the problem.  As of 8am EDT last Monday, there were 347 hours until tipoff of UNC vs. FIU and Ohio State vs. Alcorn State on Opening Night, Nov. 9.  Beginning that morning, we started releasing our rankings of every Division I team from worst to first as tweets on the social networking platform known as Twitter (you may have heard of it).  We’ll release one team preview every single hour from now until Opening Night, and in case you’re not following us over there, we’ll put the updated list here each night for your review.  The key to tweeting, of course, is conciseness, so we’ll try our best to relay some relevant information about each and every team in the requisite 140 characters or less, and hopefully some of you will be paying attention along the way.  Here are Thursday’s entries, #282 to #259.  Now you’re seeing some quality…

tweeting preview 282-259

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One response to “Tweeting the Preview: #282 – #259”

  1. Bulldog83 says:

    Yale #260? No way…we’re at least #258!

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