Billy Gillispie Busted Outside Lexington

Posted by jstevrtc on August 27th, 2009

Lexington media is reporting — downright shouting, to be sure — that this morning Billy Gillispie got hosed for another DUI.  Like we didn’t see that one coming right down I-75…



Even though Gillispie was collared at 2:45am, he told the cop that he and his passenger had been golfing.  I’ll be interested to see if there’s an additional charge of night putting…you know, putting at night (does anyone get that??).  Actually, we’re still in a recession and it IS the day after Ted Kennedy died, so using Rick Pitino’s logic, nobody should be covering this.  But I’ll bet he doesn’t mind so much.

If you click the link above, there’s video coverage by the Lexington affiliate, just click the camera beside the title.  From our friends at, here’s the mugshot:


More on this later.  It’ll be interesting to see if this affects his current legal dispute with the University of Kentucky.  Right now John Calipari has to be kicking back in a comfy chair, laughing like crazy and thinking, “And the world thinks that I have a past??!?”  Given the events of the past couple of days, we’ll be watching, say, guys like Murray State’s Billy Kennedy and Western Kentucky’s Ken McDonald to see if they happen to lose their minds and do something to raise the bar in the craziness competition that has evidently broken out among basketball coaches in the Bluegrass State.

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5 responses to “Billy Gillispie Busted Outside Lexington”

  1. Zach says:

    Looks to me he was driving back from Old Country Buffet. Talk about letting yourself go.

  2. […]With the reports involving Rick Pitino, John Calipari and Billy Gillispie, this news rocked the basketball hotbed of Kentucky.

    BREAKING NEWS: One Kentucky Basketball Coach Didn’t Get Arrested, Cheat on His Wife, or Violate NCAA Rules Last Night

  3. rtmsf says:

    After smoking a pound of weed in the alleyway behind the restaurant.

  4. zhayes9 says:

    That was me up there, BTW.

    Talk about a broken man. I almost feel sorry for him.


  5. jtruman37 says:

    I think you can feel sorry for Gillispie. More so than Pitino, anyway. Calipari continues to slide. Amazing. Remember when the Derrick Rose thing was a story? Johnny Clam Chowder slips out of Amherst for a pro job just before a scandal breaks. He slides out of Memphis, for the Kentucky job (& a boatload of money), just before a scandal breaks, in Memphis. He makes the headlines, his image gets dragged through the mud, & days later Pitino adds fuel to his fire & Gillispie gets nabbed for another DUI.

    Pitino is an ego maniac. He had it bad, but made it so much worse w/ his “press conference” the other day. Like a diva. Invoking Ted Kennedy & the flailing economy, just awful. Pitino was never the story he made himself out to be. Now the story is, in addition to his adultery, how big of a story Rick Pitino believes he is. Which is just as embarrassing as the story itself.

    Gillispie’s latest DUI is, first of all, a bad thing. DUI just sucks. More than likely most people have done it. Most people have made it home. But bad/stupid things happen too & people get hurt. & ultimately it’s a preventable situation, so it is certainly a big deal. That Gillispie is a repeat offender makes it worse, obviously. But you can still feel bad for Gillispie b/c the guy is in trouble.

    The other coaches in Kentucky are either uncomfortable, or solely responsible for their troubles. Gillispie has lost a lot. His record at Kentucky wasn’t awful. He didn’t FAIL at his job. He just wasn’t right for Kentucky. & he was wrong for Kentucky at a very wrong time for the program. Kentucky needed a big name. Cal is that name. Gillispie gets bounced, w/ no confidence, loses out on a ton of money he thought he was going to earn, & he’s in a tailspin. Empathy for Gillispie is allowed. It’s tough to watch a guy go down, when he hasn’t really “earned” it. Easy on the DUI’s though, Billy, that’s no good. But good luck w/ the other stuff.

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