Rick Pitino Wants to Know If You Think He Should Be Fired

Posted by nvr1983 on August 15th, 2009

Not exactly, but his site sure makes it seem that way. Thanks to the beauty of Google’s omnipresent advertising network and artificial “intelligence” it appears like he’s actually asking for your opinion on the matter. While I was checking out his website tonight I noticed this rather interesting ad (highlighted in the yellow box).

So what do you think? (Courtesy: http://www.rickpitino.com)
So what do you think? (Courtesy: http://www.rickpitino.com)

If you want to see the ad before the site’s webmaster realizes that Rick can survive without the extra few dollars a month those ads generate [Ed. Note: We’re guessing it will take around 30-40 years to generate the cost of “health insurance” for a pregnant 43 year-old], go to “Questions you want answered” (no, he doesn’t answer the questions you really want answered) at RickPitino.com or follow this direct link.

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