Buzz: Erin Andrews Debacle

Posted by rtmsf on July 18th, 2009

Hey, we love Erin Andrews as much as any other red-blooded American sports blogger, and we hold a particularly special place for Ms. Andrews considering she earned her national rep as an ESPN sideline reporter for college sports, most notably football and our beloved game.  But the news that broke last night that some  surly troglodyte filmed her getting dressed in a hotel room through a peephole in the door is reprehensible, unconscionable and utterly criminal.  There is absolutely no excuse for this kind of behavior, and RTC hopes that if we ever have the chance to encounter Andrews in the future at any college basketball games or events, we’ll be able to personally tell her that not all blogs are equally willing to go down that road.  Our hope is that the feds get involved and quickly nail whoever subjected Andrews to such a blatant and sick invasion of her privacy.

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2 responses to “Buzz: Erin Andrews Debacle”

  1. Someone did that? I hope they arrest the person.

  2. Nemo Kemo says:

    If this person is arrested, then they will be paying for this for a VERY VERY VERY LONG TIME.

    What a sick thing to do.

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