Buzz: Coach K Staying at Duke

Posted by rtmsf on June 30th, 2009

Coach K must be angling for another raise, because the cyclical Lakers rumor has reared its ugly head again, almost five years to the day after their last dalliance.  Did anyone anywhere at any point in this silly rumor’s life cycle believe for a split-second that Coach K might actually take that job?  Last we checked, the Lakers had a pretty darn good coach (you know, he of the ten rings) and they’re not exactly coming off a down time in franchise history (you know, 65 wins and a world title).  Furthermore, the Duke coach is a competitor if nothing else, and he’s been getting his butt kicked all over Tobacco Road by that other school six miles down 15-501 since Huckleberry Roy came to town (3-7 since 2004-05).  Coach K ain’t going nowhere until he proves that his blue-blooded program hasn’t been overtaken by his bitter rival, and the way things are going lately, he’ll need another ring himself (at the college level) to ensure that.  (h/t 850 the Buzz).

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