Greg Paulus Is. . .I Can’t Explain It. Just Look at the Picture.

Posted by nvr1983 on April 24th, 2009


That sound you just heard is from all the heads exploding along Tobacco Road. Apparently this was part of the UNC barnstorming tour, but I have no idea what Paulus was thinking. At first, I thought it might be his brother Mike (preposterous, but not much more than Greg Paulus in Carolina Blue), a QB at UNC, but he doesn’t look like Greg.

(h/t to 850 The Buzz)

Update: After looking at this picture a little more closely (and not posting at 3 AM), I’m beginning to think this is a Photoshop job. Paulus couldn’t possibly be dumb enough to pose for a picture like this wearing UNC clothing, right?

Update: According to our friends at 850 The Buzz, the picture is real and the baby was completely fine posing with the others players, but as soon as Paulus held her she started to cry.

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6 responses to “Greg Paulus Is. . .I Can’t Explain It. Just Look at the Picture.”

  1. duke28 says:

    Man, He is wearing what every player that was on the barnstorming tour wore. That was their warm-up shirts. Of course it was going to be carolina blue the whole team was tarheels. And as for him holding the baby, she’s cute even though she does have on the wrong color jersey.

  2. nvr1983 says:

    I understand that point, but I would figure a Duke guy would do something like what Jordan did in 92 when he covered up the Reebok logo on his warm-up jacket for the medal ceremony.

  3. huh? says:

    nvr–what do you expect him to do? Cover up his entire warmup shirt? Refuse to wear it?

  4. nvr1983 says:

    Turn the shirt inside out? I would think he would do anything that minimizes his time wearing UNC stuff.

  5. Jboy23 says:

    The way he was treated at Dook this year who could blame him. He was an awesome player who gave 100% at every game but Coach Klutz chose otherwise.

  6. rtmsf says:

    I’m reminded of the story where UK superfan Ashley Judd was on set somewhere shooting a movie and she got cold standing around. Someone nicely offered to give her his jacket for a little while, which she graciously accepted… until she saw that it was a UNC jacket. At which time, she handed it back and said thanks but no thanks.

    Paulus? Seems a little odd b/c you don’t want to turn down a photo with a baby but why would the parents want that photo anyway?

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