Hansbrough Whistled for First-Ever Travel Sets Him Off in Exhibition Game

Posted by nvr1983 on April 22nd, 2009

From the he-better-get-used-to-this department, we came across this story of Tyler Hansbrough making an arse of himself at a recent barnstorming exhibition game against something called the Crossfire Ministries in Asheville, NC, Sunday night.  From the Asheville Citizen-Times:


Fans who attended Sunday’s exhibition game at the Asheville Civic Center between the ACC All-Stars and Crossfire Ministries noticed that North Carolina All-American Tyler Hansbrough made a hasty exit.  Crossfire’s Richie Stevens was fouled on an impressive move toward the basket and made two free throws for a 101-100 lead late in the game.  With the All-Stars trying to maneuver for a potential game-winning shot, Hansbrough was whistled for traveling in the final seconds. Apparently annoyed — and you know poor Tyler never gets a call from the refs — Hansbrough left the court, followed by some other members of the team, before the final horn sounded.  To be fair, an announcement had been made that there would be no postgame autograph session like the one that was held after Saturday night’s game because the players had a commitment and had to get on the road.  More than one fan has mentioned that they were a bit surprised by Hansbrough’s reaction.

This comes on the heels of a story last week of Psycho-T acting the spoiled jerk in a previous exhibition game against a bunch of high schoolers from Hickory, NC, by woofing at the players on the court and clamming up in the autograph session afterwards.

The good news is that Hansbrough already appears to have this NBA prima donna thing down.

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One response to “Hansbrough Whistled for First-Ever Travel Sets Him Off in Exhibition Game”

  1. Brian says:

    “The good news is that Hansbrough already appears to have this NBA prima donna thing down. ”

    Too bad he will never, ever see an NBA court aside from the bench or the crowd…

    Either way, what a little bitch he is, I mean come on… you got every single call in every game that you ever played in, to cry this much about a damn exhibition game… what a bitch.

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