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Posted by nvr1983 on March 12th, 2009

Here at Rush the Court we like to think of ourselves as one of the more intellectual college hoops sites out there, but on occasion we like to follow the advice of Chris Rock who once told the audience at the VMAs to “Take off your thinking caps and lower your standards,” when he introduced Kid Rock. Well today is one of those occasions. I was going through my RSS Reader when the title of an article caught my eye: “Longtime Arkansas State coach Dickey Nutt hired at Southeast Missouri St“.

I’ll let that name sink in for a while. Are you done laughing yet? Ok, now we can continue Dickey, who is the brother of current Mississippi and former Arkansas football coach Houston Nutt, falls into a long line of oddly named people who have spent time in the state of Arkansas. The state produced perhaps the most infamous Internet headline ever when ESPN titled a column “Coach Nutt replaces Johnson with Dick against the ‘Cocks,” which was later edited to the tamer version that you see now. And of course there is this famous photo:

arkansasAside from all the jokes about his name, we have to wonder how desperate Nutt was for a job. He is going from coaching a respectable program (189-186 in 13 seasons although he resigned last season after going 9-17) to one that is coming off a 3-27 season and faces potential NCAA sanctions. Apparently the Southeast Missouri State program can’t even cheat right. You would figure that cheating should at least get you to .500 playing against Ohio Valley Conference competition, but the Redhawks went winless in conference play.

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