RTC Needs an Intern

Posted by rtmsf on February 18th, 2009

RTC is growing and we’re in dire need of an intern who has a love for college hoops and a keen sense of how to aggregate and analyze news from various RSS feeds.  We can’t pay you any actual funds, but if you’re in college, we may be able to work with your school to provide credit for the few hours a week you’d be giving us.   If you’re looking to move into blogging and/or writing, working at RTC could boost your career prospects, and if things work out on the initial tasks, there is also a possibility of writing assignments going forward. 

Send a one-paragraph description of yourself to rushthecourt@yahoo.com and why your skills and talents would make for a good fit at RTC.  Please refer specifically to how you keep up with sports news (particularly college basketball news) and how you would analytically distinguish between hundreds of daily stories to isolate key issues and trends in the news. 

RTC Will Provide the Stickies
RTC Will Provide the Stickies

And if you look at all similar to this prospective intern, please send a photo. 

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2 responses to “RTC Needs an Intern”

  1. WonderD says:

    How about Blazin?

  2. rtmsf says:

    Too much wretch.

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