Clues as to Tyler Hansbrough’s Return to College

Posted by rtmsf on June 10th, 2008

(h/t The Big Lead)…

We know that NBAers get all kinds of ridiculous tail thrown at them on an hourly basis, but there’s something just a little more wholesome virtuous delicious (yeah, that’s what we meant) when it’s Mary Sue from calculus chemistry sociology class straddling you like a stallion rather than Misty (and her three kids) from Total Platinum. 

Anybody know the provenance of these pics?  How old they are or what this function was for?

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3 responses to “Clues as to Tyler Hansbrough’s Return to College”

  1. Eirishis says:

    Back when I was an undergrad, at a frat party in Chapel Hill, a Carolina hoops player looked at a girl dressed not dissimilar to this one, and said, “Baby, you’re gonna suck my balls later.” Her response, laughing, and psshawing with her hand and body, was “No!!”

    She went home with him, natch.

  2. Rob says:

    Word is that the girl in this picture is a UNC cheerleader. Nice catch T.

    And that post above me is hilarious. “You’re gonna suck my balls later!” I gotta try that line.

  3. Frye Girl says:

    yes this was his college sweetheart Brittany but once he got into the NBA he left her for Brighton Smith another girl from UNC. They are now married.

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