Maybe Leave the Crack at Home Next Time?

Posted by rtmsf on October 1st, 2007

We wouldn’t be doing our job if we let this one pass us by. 

Bud Mackey

See Ya in 2015 Bud

Over the weekend various outlets reported that the appropriately-named Bud Mackey, a top 50 player from Georgetown, Ky. (Scott County HS) who committed to Kelvin Sampson’s Indiana Hoosiers, was charged with two felonies related to drug trafficking

Scott County Coach Billy Hicks last night said he plans to visit Mackey at the jail.  “I’m just hoping and praying … you hope it’s not true,” Hicks said. “You hope when it all shakes out there’s a logical explanation.  Hicks said school officials told him that they went to look for Mackey when he didn’t show up for a fifth-period English class and found him, smelling of marijuana, near the building.  Police found [crack] cocaine in his possession.

They must have found more than just a little blow in his possession to make it through those interminable sixth period filmstrips.  In Kentucky, possession of a controlled substance is a class D felony with a penalty of only 1-5 years in prison, while trafficking is a class C felony with a penalty of 5-10 years.  Big difference.  This suggests to us that Bud was carrying around considerably more crack in his pockets than one man could possibly smoke in a lazy afternoon.   


One of Mackey’s Customers

Some blogs are speculating that Kelvin Sampson, known for giving wayward kids second chances, might be inclined to give Mackey another chance at some point in the future.  This assumes that Mackey will be out of prison within the next few years, and that’s highly debatable.  Construda thinks that anything less than a complete separation between IU and Mackey is a no-win situation, and we agree.  This is distinguishable from the JamesOn Curry or Michael Southall situations because they were both convicted for trafficking marijuana.  However, the trafficking of crack cocaine, as a general rule, tends to be dealt with quite a bit more harshly.   Good luck in the criminal court system, Bud, we hardly knew ye. 

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2 responses to “Maybe Leave the Crack at Home Next Time?”

  1. lhuv says:

    Nice post. I\’ll return.

  2. Bam says:

    He’s a kid who made a mistake. Get a life and stop finding so much pleasure in the hardships of a teenager just trying to make his way through life. You probably pop pills and pay to fuck whores all the time.

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