Lil Romeo Coming to a Pac-10 Arena Near You

Posted by rtmsf on April 14th, 2007

Lil Romeo

In the category of “nothing surprises us anymore,” because nothing surprises us anymore, news out of LA is that Lil Romeo, aka Romeo Miller, aka Master P’s son, has committed to USC for the Class of 08. He’s a two-star prospect, so we don’t expect that he’ll contribute much immediately, but what the hell kind of three-ring circus is Tim Floyd building over there? We shouldn’t assume that Floyd will be able to contact his new prospect, but it’s safe to say that UCLA was never in the running for the basketball services of Little P, given his father’s recent troubles in Westwood.

The charges against the 38-year-old P (real name Percy Miller), and 30-year-old Vyshonne King Miller — better known by his professional moniker, Silkk the Shocker — stem from their arrests more than a year ago by campus police at the University of California at Los Angeles. The police stopped Master P’s car on January 27, 2005, after noticing the rapper’s vehicle was missing both its license plates. UCLA police say they subsequently spotted a gun peeking out from under the driver’s seat and a subsequent search of the car turned up another gun under the front passenger seat.

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