What’s Trending: Week of Wild Endings

Posted by Matt Eisenberg on December 18th, 2017

What’s Trending is a column examining the week that was in college basketball social media. Matthew Eisenberg (@matteise) is your weekly host.

This week’s Whats Trending starts with a look back to last Sunday. After Arizona State beat Kansas in Allen Fieldhouse, Arizona State assistant athletic director (and friend of RTC) Doug Tammaro realizes that his wallet is about to be $500 lighter…

Is it a block? Is it a charge? With two seconds left on the clock, a whistle helps save the day for Wisconsin against Western Kentucky.

Bill Raftery was inducted into the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame this week. Few people add as much to the color commentary of a game as Raf.

Lonnie “Sky”-Walker IV with some extra “force’ behind this dunk…

This story of a group of students doing something for their teacher is told perfectly by Yahoo’s Jeff Eisenberg.


Intrastate rivals, overtime, Gus Johnson… Indiana’s win against Notre Dame had it all…


St. Bonaventure‘s Matt Mobley, the team’s leading scorer, went scoreless for 39+ minutes against Vermont over the weekend. By holding Mobley to just two shot attempts, Vermont had a 78-77 lead with just a few seconds left… and then Vermont forgot about Mobley.

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