The RTC Podblast: Selection Sunday Reactions Edition

Posted by rtmsf on March 16th, 2014

There wasn’t a whole lot of controversy this year, but several decisions by the NCAA Selection Committee certainly raised some eyebrows. In an effort to briefly hit on a few of those points in the hours immediately following the bracket’s release this evening, the RTC Podblast crew, hosted by Shane Connolly (@sconnolly114) walked through a few quick n’ dirty reactions. The guys will return with detailed analyses of each of the four regions on Tuesday, followed by a number of quick-hit podblasts throughout the rest of the week. Make sure to add the RTC Podcast to your iTunes lineup so that you’ll automatically upload it on your listening device after we record. The full rundown is below.

  • 0:00-4:55 – Initial Bracket Reactions/The Questionable Louisville Seeding
  • 4:55- 6:02 – Other Bracket Surprises
  • 6:02-6:53 – Teams With the Easiest Roads
  • 6:53-8:33 – Regions Stacked With Talent
  • 8:33-11:34 – Takeaways From Conference Tournaments Heading Into the Big Dance
  • 11:34-12:25 – Virginia Gets Final #1 Seed
  • 12:25-13:41 – Lower Seeds That Can Make a Run
  • 13:41-15:30 – Upset Possibilities
  • 15:30- Previewing The Week in RTC’s Coverage of March Madness (Bracket Nonsense, etc.)
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