College Basketball by the Tweets: Bayloring, Brad Stevens & “Tyler Ennis” Unis for Sale

Posted by Nick Fasulo (@nickfasuloSBN) on February 18th, 2014

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Big/Fat Heads are all the rage in college basketball student sections these days. Personally, I believe that deviating from mainstream, easy-to-identify faces with more obscure mugs deserve bonus points. A tip of the cap, Seminole fans:

Brad Stevens is Probably a Great Person

By all accounts, The former Butler head coach is an incredible individual. Here he is visiting former player Andrew Smith after he was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Yes, that means Stevens made an impromptu trip from Boston to Indy last week to check in on a friend.


In college football it is “Clemsoning”, but in college hoops it is “Bayloring.” Sure, the Bears were able to pull out a win Monday night over a floundering Oklahoma State squad, but this move to keep the door open by allowing overtime is just SMH 10x.

And because school athletic departments are so adorable with their “rah-rah” philosophy that sometimes blissfully ignores the honest truth…

“Tyler Ennis” Jersey For Sale

Following a heroic buzzer-beating shot by the precocious Tyler Ennis, the Orange social media ninjas forgot about the whole business model of the NCAA. This was an obvious social media #fail.

Tongue in cheek for sure, but there are somewhat clever ways to promote “Ennis” jerseys

Arizona and Court Rushings

There was a high volume of varied reaction following Arizona State’s upset win over Arizona on Friday night. It was weird, for lack of a better term, and caused a stir that forced the Pac-12 to release a statement on how the officials handled the end of the game. But for all the sentiment this double-overtime thriller produced, there is one single fact to be cognizant of:

Wild season so far for the team from Tucson.

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