The RTC Podcast: #cheerfortheears Edition

Posted by rtmsf on February 11th, 2014

The RTC Podcast is back in action, and there was plenty to talk about this week as unbeaten Wichita State got through its mathematically toughest set of games remaining on its schedule. Can the Shockers run the table? Is it time to #cheerfortheears? We brought on‘s Matt Norlander to discuss the bet and a bunch of other relevant things in this week’s podcast. The full rundown is below.

  • 0:00-6:00 – #CheerForTheEars Origin Story
  • 6:00-13:46 – Chances Wichita State Actually Goes Undefeated
  • 13:46-25:13 Marcus Smart Fall Out (you did drop another Markel Starks, but I deleted it haha)
  • 25:13-29:50 – Notable Games Around the Country
  • 29:50-32:55 – Overanalyzed Teams
  • 32:55-37:04 – Shaky Top of the Rankings
  • 37:04-46:17 – More Norlander Predictions
  • 46:17-53:58 – Week Preview
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