All Brackets Considered: Final Prep For the Big Dance

Posted by rtmsf on March 20th, 2013


Unless you’re a major procrastinator, you probably already have a pretty strong idea of who your Final Four choices will be this year. Maybe you’ve already completed your bracket and put it to bed. Or maybe you’re one of those people who likes to have all available and possible information at your fingertips before making your final decisions. For those of you that fall into the latter camp, this post is for you. We’ve aggregated all of the RTC NCAA Tournament prep materials in one place for your ease of use. We can’t guarantee that you’ll go 63-0 on your selections as a result, but we can assure you that the answers are in there if you look hard enough. Enjoy, and Happy Madness, everyone.

Play RTC Bracket Nonsense. This year’s version of RTC Bracket Nonsense is the best we’ve ever had, because it includes great prizes from Retro College Cuts as well as authentic autographed memorabilia celebrating Atlanta as the site of this year’s Final Four. You can win prizes after each of the three weekends, so don’t forget to sign up by Noon ET Thursday.

Lots of Great Prizes Available This Year - PLAY TO WIN!

Lots of Great Prizes Available This Year – PLAY TO WIN!

The Official RTC Bracket.

The RTC Podblasts. Our team of NCAA Tournament correspondents joined the RTC Podcast guys this week to break down each of the four regions separately. You can find them all in this single post — give a listen.

Bracket Prep Region AnalysesWe dare you to find more thorough breakdowns of each of the four regions. From discussions of potential Cinderellas for both the Sweet Sixteen and the Final Four to the most enticing match-ups for both purists and the mainstream media, it’s all there.

Vegas Odds (Along With KenPom & HSAC). Which teams do the bookmakers in Las Vegas favor heading into this year’s NCAA Tournament? How does that compare with some of the better mathematical models out there? Keep these in mind when finalizing your brackets this year.

Bracket Prep: All 31 Automatic Qualifiers. One of the most difficult things to do is to discern which of the mid-majors are poised to pull of an opening game upset. Bracket Prep digs into each of the auto-qualifiers with its Three Bruce Pearls of Wisdom, discussing the kinds of match-ups that are both good and bad for each team. Give it a look before finalizing those choices.

Bracket-Busting the Other 26. The power conference schools get plenty of attention. What about the schools from the Other 26 D-I leagues? In these posts, we break down the ceilings for each of those O26 teams, from #1 seed Gonzaga all the way down to the #16s destined for a very short stay.

NCAA Tournament Tidbits. A ridiculous number of links about all of the teams gearing up for their opening games this week.

A Non-Sports Womans’ Guide to March Madness. When in doubt, pick colors and uniforms. The RTC Babe breaks down her picks for the Final Four.

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