ACC Morning Five: 12.06.11 Edition

Posted by mpatton on December 6th, 2011

  1. and Grantland: For a slightly different look at the North CarolinaKentucky game from the weekend, check out these articles evaluating the myriad pro prospects that suited up on both sides. The first article is a very straightforward look at the prospects with evaluations for each one, while the second article breaks down each position. It’s definitely a different perspective than one concerned primarily with college athletics, but an interesting perspective nonetheless.
  2. The Sporting News: How long will it take Durand Scott to live down the shoelace incident? Either way, Jim Larranaga has gotten players to buy into his system, which is a lot more disciplined than the one advocated by former coach Frank Haith (who’s currently doing a very, very good job over at Missouri with a more disciplined system than Mike Anderson… sometimes sports don’t make sense).
  3. Sports Illustrated: Mike Krzyzewski and Pat Summitt are in pretty prestigious company after SI named them “Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year.” The pair are the first college basketball winners since Dean Smith (1997) and John Wooden (1972). It’s a little surprising that it took so long for both coaches (I agree with Matt Norlander that either of the winners was deserving to hold the title on his or her own), but Coach K setting the all-time men’s win record may have pushed the winningest pair over the top.
  4. Fox Sports South: The ACC is 59-34 this season. That’s horrific. It’s slightly worse than “two steps forward, one step back.” Andrew Jones grades each team’s performance so far with a very critical eye. I don’t know how much research he did into the conference’s historical non-conference performance, but here’s the conference-wide evaluation: “The conference hasn’t struggled this much perhaps since it was formed in 1953. Eight ACC teams already have at least three losses, while two don’t have winning records. […] Grade: F.”
  5. Charlotte Observer: Mark Gottfried is frustrated. His team can’t close out games. It’s competitive, but steadily he’s got to see his NCAA Tournament hopes becoming less and less likely. Gottfried even tried the patented Roy Williams jacket-throw in the hopes of firing his team up at the end of the game against Stanford, but it was to no avail. If this team can learn how to win, it has the talent to be pretty good. Gottfried will be crucial in that respect.

EXTRA: Speaking of the Tar Heel coach, Williams apparently didn’t like PJ Hairston tweeting about his sprained wrist last week. It turns out the sharpshooter could play Saturday and was effective.

“I thought we’d wait and let him announce it on his Twitter,” Williams deadpanned. “I did step in the trainer’s room and told Chris [Hirth] to put some extra tape on his ankles. So he could run a little bit more at practice. I’m tired of answering dadgum questions because some player put something on his Twitter account.”

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