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Posted by rtmsf on October 10th, 2011

Last Monday we rolled out our first RTC microsite featuring the Atlantic Coast Conference.  It went so well that we figured why not keep going with this peculiar little idea.  Our intent with these microsites is to provide a far greater depth of coverage of each of the six power conferences in college basketball.  Whether those six leagues remain those six, or if they merge and split and negotiate into five, or even four, isn’t for us to decide.  But given their existing configuration where ten is 12 and 12 is ten, we’re pleased to announce that today marks the launch of our new Big 12 microsite.

As we stated when we launched the ACC microsite, the premise behind these things is rather simple. By focusing separately but comprehensively on these six individual conferences, we hope to provide a more targeted user experience without marginalizing the quality of commentary and analysis that our readers have come to expect from the national site.  As always, we expect that you’ll tell us if we’re not realizing that goal.

How to find it?  You can locate the Big 12 microsite by simply adding big-12 to the end of Or you can click on the fancy little Big 12 microsite button above at the top right (just below the ACC one). Or you can simply click here.  Our two Big 12 staffers, Danny Spewak and Clark Williams, have also been with RTC in several capacities in the past, but we know that they’re committed, hungry and ready to work to make this microsite a resounding success. If you’d like to reach them with questions and ideas of your own, their contact information is available on the microsite.

As mentioned last week, we’ll be rolling out all six of the microsites gradually, but we’re still taking applications for writers for both the Big East and Big Ten conference versions, so please contact us at with a writing sample if you’re interested in either one.

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