RTC Tourney Contests: Third Round

Posted by rtmsf on March 19th, 2011

RTC is lucky to have partnered with Buffalo Wild Wings and the Reese’s Company to offer some great prizes this weekend during the Third Round of the NCAA Tournament.  Get your picks in prior to the first tip on Saturday at 12:15 PM ET.  You can email your responses to rushthecourt@yahoo.com or tweet at us @rushthecourt — either works, but please don’t do both.  Description of the games and prizes are below.

RTC is Offering Some Great Prizes This Weekend

Contest #1) There will be sixteen teams remaining after this weekend is finished.  Add up the total aggregate value of the sixteen seeds that will remain. (ex: #1 + #4 +#3 +#10 seeds = 18, etc.).  The closest two replies to the actual number will win this contest.

Prize:  Buffalo Wild Wings is offering prize packs that they will mail directly to your home.

Contest #2) Pick the highest scoring player in the Third Round, and give his total points scored to act as a tiebreaker.  (ex: Nolan Smith, 31 points).

Prize:  Reese’s is offering a case of Reese’s Cups for the winner of this contest.  Yes, it’s a lot of candy.  Also note that you can go to Reese’s Perfect Play for a shot at a million bucks.

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