Spartan Basketball — Coming To An Ocean Near You

Posted by jstevrtc on November 17th, 2010

“The U.S.S. Izzo.” That’s not bad.

It might take a few more national titles, however, before the MSU head coach has an aircraft carrier commissioned in his name. But he might be showing up on your nearest Nimitz-class carrier (it wouldn’t be Gerald R. Ford-class, since President Ford went to Michigan) sooner than you think.

Please Pardon Us While We Do Missile Drills During Media Time Outs

It appears that the idea of playing a game on an aircraft carrier has been tossed around by the Michigan State athletic department for a while, and Joe Rexrode from the Lansing State Journal reports that there may soon be an announcement confirming that it will happen. The game would be against a major opponent (the article mentions North Carolina) and presumably take place on Veterans Day next year. It would be part of a doubleheader, with two of the service academies comprising the other game.

The article from the LSJ (which you should check out, linked above) also notes that the aircraft carrier involved would be, in fact, docked. As good an idea as this already is, we say go all the way and get that puppy moving, and put it through its paces during the game. We think there’s little that could better prepare your team for distractions or late-season pressure situations like shooting free throws while an F/A-18 Super Hornet takes off nearby, having your shot blocked by a Sea Sparrow missile, or the anxiety that comes with the knowledge that the floor you’re playing on has a couple of nuclear reactors under it.

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