Texas Goes Down! Kentucky the Sole Unbeaten…

Posted by jstevrtc on January 18th, 2010

K-State Leaves One Unbeaten Left

Kansas State has beaten #1-ranked Texas tonight, which leaves Kentucky as the sole unbeaten survivor.  K-State was actually favored in this game since they’re #10 and the game was played on their home floor.  Combine that with the fact that Texas played a tough one at home against Texas A&M a mere 48 hours ago, and this becomes a little less surprising.  All credit to the Kansas State Wildcats, though, for hitting the boards in force and taking down their conference-mates off that big, target-laden pedestal.

Kentucky’s next game is Saturday at home against Arkansas.  Assuming they get past it, they’re number one at this time next week.  Despite the above fan’s allegiances, it was actually Jamar Samuels and Curtis Kelly who did most of the damage for the Wildcats.

More on this later tonight in the ATB, which will actually cover the weekend’s games as well.

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