Watch The Umbrella on the Grassy Knoll!!!

Posted by rtmsf on July 22nd, 2009

Leave it to the venerable journalistic institution known as TMZ to come up with this, but the long national waiting period to see grainy footage of Lebron getting dunked on by Jordan Crawford (from about 250 feet away) is about to go viral.  The reason?  TMZ will be releasing the video at 6:45pm EDT tonight.  You”ll recall that Nike confiscated two videotapes of the incident during the scrimmage in question, leading to vociferous clowning of Lebron and his shoe company after the fact.

Call us paranoid, but we have to believe Nike has its hands on this release somehow.


Wonder how JC feels about being called “The Dunker?”  Could be worse, we suppose.

Check back later today for the video…

Update: EbaumNation just stole TMZ’s thunder by releasing its version on the same end of the court here.  Pretty nasty flush although Lebron got there late.  After seeing the number of people in the stands, our question is… how did Nike expect this to not leak out?

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