Welcome to the RTC 2009 NCAA Tourney Preview

Posted by rtmsf on March 4th, 2009


RTC will be providing the very best NCAA Tournament coverage that you will find anywhere on this here series of tubes and dumptrucks.

But for now, when we’re not huddled in our unfinished basements fueled on Rockstar playing Half-Life, we’ll be formulating strategies and post ideas for our 2009 NCAA Tourney Preview.  We’ll have the usual stuff – 65 comprehensive team previews, regional analysis, etc. – but we’ll also have some things unique to Rush the Court, and therefore, to you as well.

If you have any brilliant ideas, and we know that our readers are the savviest college hoops fans around, feel free to leave them in the comments here or send us an email.  Any ideas are welcome.  Until then, enjoy Championship Week(s)!

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