Where Will Bob Knight Land Next?

Posted by rtmsf on October 20th, 2008

Lost in the detritus of last week’s news was an interesting interview that Bob Knight did with a public television station in Indianapolis (WFYI), where he talked about various topics including cheating (“In college basketball, if you get caught cheating, they should shoot you because you’re too dumb to be alive.“) and his public image as a rude boor (“I simply tried to do what I thought was right. I never really particularly cared about what other people thought except those I knew knew what they were talking about.”).  But the truly newsworthy takeaway from the interview were Knight’s comments regarding a possible return to coaching someday.  From the AP:

“I got nothing else to do. It would just depend on the circumstances,” the former Army, Indiana and Texas Tech coach told host Mickey Maurer on “Mickey’s Corner” on Indianapolis public TV station WFYI.

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There’s no doubt that this man loves yelling mentoring and coaching young minds about the nuances of the game of basketball.  And as much as he seemed a natural fit for studio work last March on ESPN, we’d give him only one more go-round before he ends up shoving a green highlighter up… physically assaulting Digger Phelps on national tv.

So we got to thinking…  if Knight wanted to take another head coaching job next season, where would his most likely opportunities lie, and which school’s set of circumstances would be most conducive to landing him?  To help us answer that question, we came across a neat site called Coaches Hot Seat, which purports to list the top twenty or so head coaches who are one more bad season away from the pink slip and unemployment line.  We whittled the list down a little bit (Billy Gillispie??? – puh-lease… that guy is adored in Lexington), but for good measure, we threw a few more names of coaches who are, um, for lack of a better phrase, approaching retirement age. 

We dunno, for some reason we can totally see Knight stalking the sidelines in his golden years somewhere like Lehigh.  Stay tuned.

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