Devin Harris: PWND!!!

Posted by rtmsf on October 14th, 2008

Ok, this is going to be all over the place soon enough, if it isn’t already, but you know us – we eat this up.  It’s not college hoops related, but it is effin’ hilarious.  If we were Devin Harris and it was us who just got completely embarrassed by a kid in a v-neck and jeans, we might want to reconsider, like, coming back home.  Ever.  Again. 

(h/t a good buddy via Yahoo!Sports via TrueHoop)

Update (10/15): DH says that he was told that the kid was a Special Olympian of some kind, but he was still surprised by what he termed “all these dribbling moves.”  At least DH knows there’s not much he can do at this point other than to deflect and have fun with it – some other guys (ahem, Kobe) wouldn’t have been so modest. 

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