Another Year of Psycho T

Posted by rtmsf on April 25th, 2008

We’re hearing confirmation from Chapel Hill this afternoon that the Great White Hope known as Tyler Hansbrough has elected to remain in school to further his assault on the ACC record books and opponents’ elbows. 

Somewhere in a bathroom in the Sarasota area Dickie V. is furthering his own brand of self-assault upon hearing this news. 

We already mentioned that Tywon Lawson is testing the waters, but apparently so will Wayne Ellington.  Carolina is going to be a top five team with Hansbrough returning, no matter what the other two do, but the real key is Lawson.  If he returns, the Heels are #1 with a bullet, probably as much of a preseason lock as Florida in 2006-07 or Duke in 2001-02.  Ellington, while very good, is expendable. 

ACC fans had better hope that Lawson blows up in the predraft camps; otherwise, UNC will once again blow through that league next year. 

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