Where 2016-17 Happens: Reason #24 We Love College Basketball

Posted by rtmsf on October 19th, 2016

As RTC heads into its 10th season — Season X, if you will — covering college basketball, it’s time to begin releasing our annual compendium of YouTube clips that we like to call Thirty Reasons We Love College Basketball. These 30 snippets from last season’s action are completely guaranteed to make you wish games were starting tonight rather than 30 days from now. Over the next month you’ll get one reason per day until we reach the new season on Friday, November 11. You can find all of this year’s released posts here.

#24 – Where Self-Imposed Happens.

We also encourage you to re-visit the entire archive of this feature from the 2008-092009-10, 2010-112011-122012-132013-142014-15 and 2015-16 preseasons.

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The RTC Podcast: Offseason Storylines (and Welcome Back) Edition

Posted by rtmsf on October 26th, 2015

After nine interminable months of radio silence, the RTC Podcast makes its triumphant return! In the Offseason Storylines (and Welcome Back) first edition of the 2015-16 season, host Shane Connolly (@sconnolly114) leads the guys through a fun-filled hour of mea culpas, scandal salaciousness, notable comings and goings, and burgeoning excitement for the season to come. From Louisville to North Carolina to Shaka to the SEC… we covered it all.  There was even a DePaul mention. The full rundown is below, but don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes so it will automatically download to your listening device each week.

  • 0:00-5:45 – Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back…
  • 5:45-16:06 – Louisville Bunny Ranch
  • 16:06-20:40 – Other Scandals
  • 20:40-28:57 – New Rule Changes
  • 28:57-43:14 – Coaching Changes
  • 43:14-46:30 – NBA Draft Decisions
  • 46:30-58:21 – Look Ahead
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Big East Morning Five: Single Story Edition — Syracuse and Bernie Fine

Posted by mlemaire on November 18th, 2011

We were going to start this morning’s post with a throwaway news piece about the newly published Jim Boeheim book and probably wish Boeheim a half-hearted happy 67th birthday. Then ESPN‘s Outside The Lines dropped a bombshell on Boeheim and the entire Syracuse University basketball program by reporting that longtime Orange assistant coach Bernie Fine was being investigated by Syracuse police for allegedly molesting two former team ball boys for more than a decade.

Bernie Fine is a Longtime SU Assistant and Close Boeheim Friend (credit: SU)

Syracuse isn’t taking any chances in light of what’s happened in State College the last few weeks. The school announced Fine has already been placed on administrative leave and just about everyone from the university has issued a statement expressing how seriously they take the charges. The immediate rush was to compare these allegations to the recent scandal still going on at Penn State. But there appear to be several very distinct differences those following the story should consider before they rush to judgment.

First — as Yahoo! columnist Dan Wetzel pointed out on Twitter — the police opening an investigation into an alleged incident is much different from a grand jury bringing criminal charges against someone in a presentment. The grand jury had eyewitness accounts and evidence from official police investigations rising to the level of confessions of inappropriate touching by Jerry Sandusky. The Syracuse police are basing their investigation of Fine from the testimony of the alleged victims — Bobby Davis and his stepbrother Mike Lang — and a previous investigation into the same crime in 2005 that Syracuse Senior Vice President for Public Affairs Kevin Quinn said, “included a number of interviews with people the complainant said would support his claims. All of those identified by the complainant denied any knowledge of wrongful conduct by the associate coach. The associate coach also vehemently denied the allegations.”

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