RTC Babe Meets P-Pat and Wall…

Posted by rtmsf on August 31st, 2009

Ed. Note: just to be clear, as some may have taken this post the wrong way, but the players shown here were in a 24-hour diner that is open to all-ages near the UK campus.  They were not drinking nor did they show any visible signs of such.  As mentioned below, this was a chance encounter and the players were extremely nice and respectful throughout. 

So RTC is on the road right now, and where other than the hotbed of college hoops known as Lexington, KY, to spend a summer weekend?  Never one to turn down a shameless photo op, the RTC Babe corraled UK’s Patrick Patterson, DeMarcus Cousins and John Wall for a late-night pic.  She writes about her experience:

We sit at a table that happens to be right beside a crew of several very tall young men. My husband leans over to me and says “That’s P-Pat.” And of course I say, “A P-what?” He explains to me that P-Pat (Patrick Patterson) is a really good basketball player who plays for UK.

RTC Babe’s New Friend P-Pat

She continues:

My husband then tells me, “Hey that’s Wall over there.” He gestures across the room pointing at a crowd.  So of course once again I’m like “Wall??” But this time I don’t even bother asking for an explanation. Instead, since I’m now best buds with P-Pat I tap him on his ginormous arm and go “Hey, I’m supposed to get a picture with Wall too. Do you know which one is Wall?” He describes a guy sitting at a table with a star on his hat. I tell P-Pat that he has to come over with me to ask him. We’re buddies remember? Or I liked to think so at that moment. Instead with one gesture he motions for Wall to come over.

ppat cousins wall
How Many All-Americans in One Photo?

She goes on to say that the three UK players were all exceptionally nice  guys and respectful to her throughout the encounter, even though it was after 3am and the place was filled with drunken idiots, retards and other hangers-on.

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