Lute’s Plot Thickens

Posted by rtmsf on October 3rd, 2008

Quick hit here, but Arizona coach and resident college basketball drama queen Lute Olson announced today, some four months after the bitter dissolution of his marriage to Christine Toretti, that he is newly engaged!  The new Mrs. Arizona Basketball will be the much-younger Kelly Pugnea (below, left), 47, herself a divorcee with two sons.  Apparently the couple met seven months ago while Lute was still battling his ex-wife over undisclosed issues.  Gosh, we wonder what those could have been?

(photo credit:  Arizona Daily Star)

From the Star:

Arizona Wildcats basketball coach Lute Olson formally announced another new member of his team Wednesday: a fiancée.  During a benefit dinner at the UA student union hosted by former Wildcat Steve Kerr, Olson introduced Kelly Pugnea as his fiancée, saying she’s a “very, very good person.”  Pugnea, 47, is a divorced mom of two boys. They reside in Tucson. Olson said after the banquet that the two met seven months ago but have no wedding date at this point.  “No plans yet,” Olson said. “Probably next summer.”

There’s been no word whether Ms Pugnea intends to honor her verbal commitment if a better offer arises, as if, for example, she were offered a six-figure deal by some hunky European suitor
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