Checking in on the… Missouri Valley

Posted by rtmsf on December 14th, 2008

Patrick Marshall of Bluejay Basketball is the RTC correspondent for the Missouri Valley and Big 12 Conferences.

Current Records and my standings (Last Week Rank)

  1. Illinois St. (9-0) (1)
  2. Creighton (7-2) (2)
  3. Evansville (7-1) (3)
  4. Drake (8-3) (6)
  5. Missouri St. (5-3) (5)
  6. Bradley (5-4) (7)
  7. Northern Iowa (5-5) (4)
  8. Southern Illinois (3-5) (9)
  9. Wichita St. (4-5)  (8)
  10. Indiana St. (1-8) (10)


Evansville (2-0 this week)—I could easily put Creighton in this position after the big win against previously unbeaten Dayton, but Evansville has earned the recognition for  what some would consider a surprising start this season.    Their only loss is to Butler and they just destroyed Western Kentucky on Saturday night.  Shy Ely and Jason Holsinger are leading this senior laden team.   Evansville also gets to fight the big fish this week as they head to Chapel Hill to take on the Tarheels on Thursday night.  So even if they are not the team of the week the rest of the season, it is deserved heading into this week.

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