University of San Diego Implicated In Point-Shaving Scandal

Posted by nvr1983 on April 11th, 2011

Earlier today federal authorities named a former San Diego assistant basketball coach and two former players among a group of 10 individuals indicted for an alleged point-shaving scandal. The former Toreros named were assistant coach Thaddeus Brown and players Brandon Johnson and Brandon Dowdy. According to the filing, Johnson, who scored 1,790 points and handed out 525 assists for the Toreros, was paid to influence the outcome of a game in February 2010 and solicited someone else on the Toreros in January of this year to do something similar. The indictment also claims that the three tried to similarly influence a game in February of this year involving UC-Riverside, which is where Dowdy played after transferring from San Diego.

Johnson was a star at San Diego, but now his career will come under scrutiny (Credit: Dan Pelle / The Spokesman-Review)

Along with the charges of point shaving the 10 individuals arrested were reportedly involved in running an illegal gambling business and distributing marijuana. The investigation has apparently been ongoing for the past year under the code name “Hook Shot” (the full indictment is available here). The connection for the three former Toreros to the illegal gambling business and marijuana distribution is unclear as they were only named in the point-shaving operations while other individuals were named in the parts of the indictment referring to gambling and marijuana. Eight of the individuals named have already been apprehended in San Diego and will appear before a judge tomorrow while Johnson was arrested Saturday in Houston and will appear in front of a judge there later today. Jake Salter, the individual who is still at-large, does not appear to be directly associated with the point-shaving or San Diego basketball.

The federal government has not identified which game was reportedly fixed, but Johnson’s game log from last season might give us some clues as there are a few awful performances in there that might be suspect in retrospect. We will have a more extensive post on this subject later today as more news comes out.

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