Big Ten’s 2014-15 Schedule Brings Back the Rivalries

Posted by Jonathan Batuello on March 3rd, 2014

The Big Ten released its schedule of 2014-15 games late last week and it appears that the rivalries are back. The conference has said it won’t be protecting basketball rivalries in the long run, but at least next season all the major rivalries will have home-and-homes: Indiana-Purdue, Michigan-Ohio State, Michigan-Michigan State, Wisconsin-Minnesota, Iowa-Minnesota, Northwestern-Illinois, and it even gives newcomers Maryland and Rutgers a home-and-home against each other. Before we fully focus on March Madness, here are a few thoughts on next season’s Big Ten schedule.

John Beilein and Michigan are competing for a conference championship this season and appear to have an advantage next year with the release of the 2014-15 B1G schedule. (Lon Horwedel/

John Beilein and Michigan are competing for a conference championship this season and appear to have an advantage next year with the release of the 2014-15 B1G schedule. (Lon Horwedel/

  • It is great to see the return of home-and-home rivalries next season. Indiana-Purdue and Ohio State-Michigan should never only play once, so hopefully next year’s effort to have them play twice continues or we could be in for a series of bland regular seasons in the near future. Rivalry games add intrigue and excitement for the fans even when the teams aren’t all that great (a good case in point was Mackey Arena for Purdue-Indiana a few weeks ago).
  • While it may be foolhardy to argue which teams will benefit from next season’s schedule as of today, the early winners appear to be Michigan, Wisconsin, Purdue and Rutgers. The Wolverines will certainly be happy to see two of its away games at Maryland and Penn State while avoiding trips to Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Nebraska. Wisconsin must feel a similar way by seeing its home-and-home includes Northwestern and Penn State with only away games to Maryland and Rutgers — the Badgers also avoid a trip to the state of Indiana entirely, as well as Michigan State and the Izzone. Purdue is ecstatic to see two of the worst home court advantages in the conference are on its away slate in Northwestern and Penn State. While Rutgers’ road games aren’t the friendliest, it could certainly be worse, and its home-and-home schedule with Maryland, Penn State and struggling Purdue and Indiana squads looks promising for an inaugural campaign.

  • The losers? Well, sorry Minnesota and Illinois. The Golden Gophers’ away slate is brutal with Indiana, Michigan and Michigan State involved, three arenas at which wins are hard to come by. Add in Northwestern and Rutgers as home games only and that’s not the making of a favorable schedule. Illinois also really can’t be happy with Maryland, Rutgers and Penn State all being home games only.
  • Granted, all of this good and bad is purely speculation at this point. Who knows which players may eventually leave for the NBA, how players will develop over the summer, and how freshmen will pan out for teams. If nothing else, though, the release of next season’s schedule gives fans of some teams something to look forward to already (here’s looking at you, Illinois, Indiana and Purdue).

Here’s the full slate of 2014-15 games below.


  • Home: Indiana, Maryland, Penn State, Rutgers
  • Away: Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio State, Wisconsin
  • Home/Away: Michigan, Michigan State, Nebraska, Northwestern, Purdue


  • Home: Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Penn State
  • Away: Illinois, Nebraska, Northwestern, Wisconsin
  • Home/Away: Maryland, Michigan State, Ohio State, Purdue, Rutgers


  • Home: Illinois, Maryland, Michigan State, Rutgers
  • Away: Indiana, Michigan, Penn State, Purdue
  • Home/Away: Minnesota, Nebraska, Northwestern, Ohio State, Wisconsin


  • Home: Michigan, Minnesota, Northwestern, Wisconsin
  • Away: Illinois, Iowa, Ohio State, Purdue
  • Home/Away: Indiana, Michigan State, Nebraska, Penn State, Rutgers


  • Home: Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Wisconsin
  • Away: Indiana, Maryland, Penn State, Purdue
  • Home/Away: Illinois, Michigan State, Northwestern, Ohio State, Rutgers


  • Home: Minnesota, Ohio State, Penn State, Purdue
  • Away: Iowa, Nebraska, Rutgers, Wisconsin
  • Home/Away: Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Northwestern


  • Home: Illinois, Northwestern, Ohio State, Rutgers
  • Away: Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Michigan State
  • Home/Away: Iowa, Nebraska, Penn State, Purdue, Wisconsin


  • Home: Indiana, Michigan State, Northwestern, Rutgers
  • Away: Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State, Purdue
  • Home/Away: Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Minnesota, Wisconsin


  • Home: Indiana, Ohio State, Penn State, Purdue
  • Away: Maryland, Minnesota, Nebraska, Rutgers
  • Home/Away: Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Wisconsin


  • Home: Illinois, Maryland, Nebraska, Wisconsin
  • Away: Michigan State, Minnesota, Northwestern, Rutgers
  • Home/Away: Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Penn State, Purdue


  • Home: Iowa, Michigan, Nebraska, Purdue
  • Away: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan State, Northwestern
  • Home/Away: Maryland, Minnesota, Ohio State, Rutgers, Wisconsin


  • Home: Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Nebraska
  • Away: Michigan State, Northwestern, Penn State, Wisconsin
  • Home/Away: Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Ohio State, Rutgers


  • Home: Michigan State, Northwestern, Ohio State, Wisconsin
  • Away: Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska
  • Home/Away: Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Penn State, Purdue


  • Home: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan State, Purdue
  • Away: Maryland, Michigan, Ohio State, Rutgers
  • Home/Away: Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Northwestern, Penn State
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