College Basketball by the Tweets: Nerd Nation, Jim Boeheim, Pizza and More Jim Boeheim…

Posted by Nick Fasulo (@nickfasuloSBN) on February 25th, 2014


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There are Internet trolls who are too afraid to show their face, and human trolls who do this, with a man purse, and a big, fat smile on their face.

Nerd City, Kid

Prior to Stanford’s game against UCLA, ESPN announcers Miles Simon and Dave Flemming (a Stanford alum) got into the spirit of The Farm by sporting the famous nerd glasses that have come to define many of the school’s athletic programs.

Boeheim Sign Stolen

This kid had dreams of being the funniest guy in Cameron Indoor on Saturday, only to be “arrested” by the no-fun police.

But I guess he was able to get the last laugh…

The Boeheim Meme That Started It All

Speaking of that famous zero to Vesuvius outburst from the Orange coach, the memes and masterful works of Photoshop were coming at a rapid pace Saturday night. You’ve probably seen them all.

But the guy who set the tone was Daryl Von Muopsies, who published a side-by-side comparison of Boeheim and Michael Jackson.

The Internet embraced it, but his follow-up tweet was even more interesting.

That account he speaks of is @366RandomActs. Perform an act of kindness, and give him a follow.

Death. Taxes. Bill Self.

Kansas won its 10th consecutive Big 12 regular season title Monday night. We know the Jayhawks are one of the steadiest and arguably most accomplished programs of the last 15 to 20 years, but this latest ring gave everyone a bit of pause and put into perspective what Bill Self and the coaches that preceded him have done in Lawrence.

Discussing the Selection Process Using a Metric Not Used in the Selection Process

ESPN used the BPI to measure the validity of a team’s chances at a NCAA Tournament one-seed. Problem is… it isn’t really a real metric.

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