Circle of March, Vol. XVI

Posted by rtmsf on March 23rd, 2013

Thirty-two teams left. The NCAA Tournament field has been eviscerated into half over the last two days and we’re done to the final 32 suitors for the crown. Aside from a handful of plucky and lovable Cinderellas, most of the remaining teams have a legitimate shot. The Circle of March is slowly showing vast swaths of white space, but it’s still kinda interesting how the clusters have arisen. Until Sunday…


Teams Eliminated From National Title Contention (03.22.13)

  • UCLA
  • Western Kentucky
  • Notre Dame
  • Oklahoma
  • Northwestern State
  • Villanova
  • Georgetown
  • Iona
  • Colorado
  • James Madison
  • Kansas State
  • Cincinnati
  • NC State
  • Pacific
  • Wisconsin
  • Albany
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