A Non-Sports Woman’s Guide to March Madness

Posted by rtmsf on March 18th, 2013


The RTC Babe is back this year to give her unique take on what we call March Madness.

March Madness is like the guy version of the Oscars. We spend weeks analyzing and guessing who will get a bid and then, once teams are selected, we spend another several days predicting the outcome. I like to think of right now — the days leading up to the Big Dance — as the red carpet. Sadly though there is lot less fashion to critique unless you want to include Digger’s daily tie selections or the occasional coach sporting a bold look (i.e., Pitino’s KFC getup.)

I have noticed a few trends this season, though. Expect to see a fair amount of neon colors on the floor. Especially bright greens and orange hues. But just like last year’s grey fad, this trend will be relatively short-lived in the Tournament. I’d recommend not picking teams with too much brightness in their outfits.

No. Just no.

No. Just no.

Something else I’ve seen a lot of this season is bold patterns. It’s risky, but when worn correctly, can look amazing.

Some Things Just Aren't Good Ideas

Some Things Are Better Ideas Than Others

As far as accessories go, watch for bold statement pieces, specifically those that are giant and head-shaped. They’re a personal favorite of mine. The more crazy heads I see in the crowd, the better I like that team.

These Always Make Me Happy

These Faces in the Crowd Always Make Me Happy

And lastly you can never go wrong with a classic red, white or blue jersey. There’s a reason it never goes out of style. It’s timeless and always a safe bet.

The Classics

The Classics

I’m a bit of a risk-taker when it comes to both fashion and picking my bracket. But for this year, I’m going with some of the classics. I predict the Final Four will be Louisville, Ohio State, Georgetown and Indiana. (note: Louisville’s weird t-shirt uniforms are awful, but the team is really good; or so I’m told).

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2 responses to “A Non-Sports Woman’s Guide to March Madness”

  1. chuckb says:

    I’m probably in the minority but I think Indiana’s warm ups are absolutely clownish. They’re beyond awful. They’re not as bad as anything Baylor wears or those hideous Louisville unis, to say nothing of Notre Dame’s horrible unis that look like a hi-liter factory exploded on them, but they’re still pretty bad.

    Tradition’s not always a good thing.

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