Blind Resumes: March 9 Edition

Posted by Daniel Evans on March 9th, 2013

On some of the days when Daniel Evans (@bracketexpert) isn’t providing us with his updated Bubble Watch or his weekly Bracketology, he’ll give us an interesting comparison or two of teams that he finds difficult to distinguish.


  • RPI: 70
  • SOS: 134
  • BPI: 43
  • SAGARIN: 29
  • KENPOM: 21
  • RECORD VS RPI TOP 25: 2-2
  • RECORD VS RPI TOP 50: 4-2
  • RECORD VS RPI TOP 100: 7-3


  • RPI: 34
  • SOS: 124
  • BPI: 32
  • SAGARIN: 30
  • KENPOM: 19
  • RECORD VS RPI TOP 25: 0-2
  • RECORD VS RPI TOP 50: 1-2
  • RECORD VS RPI TOP 100: 5-3

(teams revealed after the jump)

TEAM A is Virginia. For some reason the Cavaliers can’t seem to get out of their own way. This is a team that showed in the non-conference it could lose to some of the worst teams in the country (Old Dominion among them) and it has continued that trend in conference play. Fortunately for the Cavaliers, they’ve also proven they can win against nearly any team in the country. It was only a little over a week ago that this team defeated Duke, although it seems like forever ago.

Matthew Dellavedova

Does Delly Get Back Into the Tourney?

TEAM B is Saint Mary’s. The Gaels do not have the resume of an at-large team. However, Iona got in the NCAA Tournament last year by winning a discussion we all have around the water cooler on a daily basis: “Would Iona beat this team on a neutral floor?” Saint Mary’s probably passes most eye tests but does that matter more than an overall profile? The Gaels’ only top 50 win is against Creighton and their other four top 100 wins came in sweeps against BYU and Santa Clara.

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  1. The Miserablist says:

    To make it truly blind, next time don’t tag the two teams you are comparing. Or if RTC does that automatically, that my apologies.

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