College Basketball By The Tweets: Ben Howland, Gonzaga, and More Marshall Henderson…

Posted by rtmsf on March 6th, 2013


Nick Fasulo is an RTC correspondent who writes the column College Basketball By the Tweets, a look at the world of college hoops through the prism of everyone’s favorite social media platform. You can find him on Twitter @nickfasuloSBN.

Before I go to bed, I always, always, always put my phone on silent. I don’t want to come out of my slumber for any reason, so part of my nightly routine is to flip that switch on my phone before flipping the light off and hitting the hay. Inexplicably, that critical step to setting my phone to silent was missed the other night, and around one in the morning, my phone started buzzing.

And kept buzzing.

Then buzzed some more.

I’ll be sure to never make that mistake again, especially in March, when old Syracuse tape seems to always be rolling as late night programming.

Victor Oladipo Blowing Our Minds

The Internet has run out of real words to describe Victor Oladipo’s hops. This, coming after he shocked the heck out of Ohio State’s Shannon Scott in transition Tuesday night. Oladipo took off from two steps within the free throw line, put his head level with the hoop and covered what looked like 100 square feet in the matter of a second for the clean swat.

Ben Howland Plays Beer Pong

Before UCLA sunk Arizona in prime time last Saturday, their head coach was sinking a 2.7 ounce plastic ball in cups filled with cheap beer, flanked by a few Bruin undergrads. Come on, that play on words was low-hanging fruit. Photos were captured and spread like fire, naturally.

Everyone weighed in, many with really poor jokes and follow-ups, although a handful were digestible.

And then there was this guy.

That Guy. There’s always That Guy when these sorts of neat things that toe the line get shared around the Internet.

Gonzaga as a #1 Seed

The program that was first to market that whole trendy mid-major thing is now so out this season. Gonzaga, finally in line for a No 1 NCAA Tournament seed, is getting hated on. We think they are undeserving and simply a product of no power conference team capable of winning with consistency.

Gonzaga, one seed or not, is still a good team, meaning just because they are weak one-seed doesn’t mean they couldn’t be a strong three-seed that goes on a run to the Final Four. Would you fear them more of they weren’t one of the favorites?

Everyone wants to be in the Bulldogs bracket. This is odd.

Checking in on an Old Friend, Marshall Henderson

Remember when Marshall Henderson and the Rebels were all the rage? The guard was shooting the lights out, drawing comparisons to Jimmer Fredette as a player who could galvanize the entire college basketball world and serve as one of the memorable faces of the season. And while Henderson won’t be forgotten, he’s certainly no Jimmer. Instead he’s more of a flash in the pan guy whose shtick was not sustainable. The world is starting to turn on Marshall.

With the season going south, the Rebels are a bubble team at best, fighting for their NCAA Tournament lives. But Henderson isn’t ceding hope. He’s amped, even though he may be watching the fun from home rather than really participating in it.

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