Pac-12 Pick’Em: Week Six

Posted by Connor Pelton on January 2nd, 2013

We are six weeks into our Pac-12 Pick’Em and Adam continues to edge out the rest of us. And now that we are completely done with non-conference play, the amount of available points will drop significantly. Last week was rough on all of us, thanks to teams like Oregon State and California choking away what we thought were sure wins. Drew was the only one to gain any ground, as he was the only one to correctly pick New Mexico’s road upset of Cincinnati. In our other game of the week, Missouri-UCLA, I came the closest to correctly picking the Bruin win. While everyone else picked the Tigers to win by 12 or 16, I had the game going down to the wire with UM pulling out a five-point win. So now, we enter week six. Colorado’s visit to Arizona and Ohio State’s meeting with Illinois headline the list as our games of the week.

Game Connor (46-17) Drew (46-17) Parker (49-14) Adam (50-13)
Utah at Arizona State Arizona State Arizona State Arizona State Arizona State
Colorado at Arizona UA 75-70 UA 73-62 UA 70-60 UA 73-62
Stanford at USC Stanford Stanford Stanford Stanford
Ohio State at Illinois UI 78-76 OSU 68-64 OSU 65-58 OSU 68-64
Utah at Arizona Arizona Arizona Arizona Arizona
California at USC California California California California
Washington at Wash State Washington State Washington State Washington State Wash State
Colorado at Arizona State Colorado Arizona State Colorado Arizona State
Oregon at Oregon State Oregon State Oregon Oregon Oregon

The biggest differences in opinion this week come in Colorado’s visit to Arizona State. Parker and I pick the road-weary Buffaloes to escape Tempe with the victory, while Drew and Adam took the Sun Devils. Save myslef, everyone else matches on the remainder of the picks. I took Illinois in our national game of the week and Oregon State for a Civil War victory, opting for home-court advantage, something that can be pivotal in conference play.

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