Sights & Sounds From Midnight Madness, Vol. I

Posted by rtmsf on October 12th, 2012

We’ve been scouring around the web tonight to find some of the best sights and sounds submitted through various forms of social media. Much more will undoubtedly pop up in the next 24 hours, but this is what we’ve found so far…

Pittsburgh dusted off Midnight Madness for the first time in a number of years and seemed to have won the night with its outdoor court, Jamie Dixon’s impersonation of Jackie Moon, and a Bill Raftery re-enacting his iconic “SEND IT IN JEROME” call from the wayback machine. But Kentucky‘s Big Blue Madness was epic as usual, Syracuse brought in Wale to rock the house, and Mizzou fans gave us our first sorta-RTC of the nascent season. More to come over the weekend!

Pitt’s Outdoor Madness Was Certainly Unique (credit: @laurenwalheim)

Jamie Dixon’s Getup Was Ridiculous… and Awesome (credit: @andrew_salesi)

Remember This Guy? (credit: @brucepearl)

Wale Blew the Roof Off of the Carrier Dome (credit: anna)

Izzo Doing What He Does (credit: miss_lobaby)

Mizzou Fans Did the Wobble in a Very RTC-like Manner (credit: @gchromis)

Fran Fraschilla Showing His Height Challenges at Baylor (credit: @franfraschilla)

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